Family Dentist Kennesaw

Single dental implants are a way to replace a tooth and have it look like your other teeth.

Coming in for a dental checkup is something you need to do if your gums are sore and it hurts when you chew your food.

If the pulp in your tooth gets infected you may end up needing a root canal treatment, which is usually less painful than the infection itself.

Making an implant look very close to your natural teeth is really an art form.

It's always best to use a soft toothbrush so you don't damage the outer coating of your teeth.

Eating a balanced diet of healthy food is a good way to help keep your original teeth.

Sometimes you have a cavity in your tooth that's actually to big to fill and you need to have a crown put on it.

If you have infected gums and they bleed when you brush your teeth, get in to see us right away.

If you have a toothache that's lasting a long time, you may have an infection that's gone into the root.

If you notice that your teeth are coming loose from your gums, be sure to get in for a dental appointment fast to prevent any major problems.

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